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"a day in the life"

a one of a kind unique experience. 

the purpose of offering this session is to document a day in the life of your family. from waking up and making breakfast to reading a book before bed. every hug, kiss, temper tantrum will be documented and remembered forever. your children are only as small as they are today and tomorrow comes a new growth. capture and remember the moments you will look back on and miss 5, 10, 50 years from now.

all i ask from families is to make sure it is a weekend and a day when all the family is home. plan a couple activities that you do on a regular basis. no new activities because you want to remember what you actually did with your children. even if it is staying home and playing all day. giving your child / children a bath is a definite MUST. 

i can't say enough amazing things about this session! it's lifestyle to a whole new level of amazing. 

january, february and march 2015 i will offer these sessions at 50 % off. 

email imagesbyjenniferlynn@gmail.com for pricing and availability 

Half day in the life sessions also available! You pick if you would like morning or afternoon. A day can be a lot so why not still get what you want and capture you all in your own element!

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