Want to learn what it takes to make it as a pro photographer??

Jennifer Lynn Photography is now offering two types of mentorships. 

Option one


watch and learn. 

Watch an entire session from start to finish.  interact with clients, help with posing and positioning of clients. Learn the ins and outs of location choices and how to control light.  This mentorship is a WATCH ONLY with one hour after the session for Q & A so TAKE NOTES!! During your hour you can ask anything!  Bring your camera, let me help you with your settings or we can go over editing in lightroom and photoshop. Mentorship can be anywhere from 2 to 5 hours depending on the type of session you want to experience. 

option two


2 hour model photoshoot.

You choose the genre of photography you want to photograph. I gather your model (or models)  and help you throughout the entire shoot from settings on your camera to lighting to posing and answer all your questions. This is a HUGE portfolio builder!! 


tip: get business cards with your images on them. when you run into someone who is about to have a baby you can quickly pull out an example of your work with your contact information on the back! this is the company I use.

business card info click me!